Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why I love them so much!!!

For the past month we have started a new tradition at our house that the kiddos are loving! They call it "Friday night pizza night." It works like this...the kids and I go to the video store where they fret over exactly which movie to choose and after 30+ min we exit (with video in hand). Daddy meets us at home with pizza which we piggishly eat (because they are excited to watch their movie, and for me...well...I will piggishly eat anything that I don't have to cook) Then we make some popcorn and sit down to watch the movie while spilling our bowls of popcorn on the floor. Well, this week Brian had told the girls that after "Friday night movie night" they could have a slumber party in our bedroom. The girls were so excited and decided to plan breakfast in bed for us. They warned us ahead of time and promised to not wake us before daylight. So Friday night I excitedly crawled into bed while Brian and the girls snuggled on the floor. (Love my husband but having the bed to myself was a dream). Saturday morning the boys woke up around 7 and these two girls sprung into action! They told us to stay in bed while they got the boys up. Sounds dreamy, right? Well...after several minutes of feeling quite nervous about the level of "care' the boys were receiving, kam came upstairs and exclaimed "don't worry...Niki put Jaxon in the highchair without even hardly dropping him!" This prompted Brian to run downstairs to find Jax covered from head to toe with sweet potatoeours and half falling out of the highchair. After "rescuing" him, he was told to return upstairs for our "breakfast in bed". The girls reappeared shortly with our lovely meal! We each got a bowl of raisin bran (with very little milk). Niki apologized for this saying that she poured all the milk in daddy's bowl but realizing that she couldn't open the new gal of milk, resorted to pouring half of daddy's (soggy) cereal into the other bowl for me. After the cereal they presented us each with a chocolate protein bar (taken out of the wrapper but tied with curling ribbon) and for the "big finish" we each received a bowl of popcorn and pretzels with a piece of candy on the side. It's hard to be excited about leftover popcorn at 7am but the sweet little people that gave it to us were so excited! The best part of it all - when Niki said "Do you guys know why we did this for you? Because we love you so much!" And this is why I love THEM so much!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jaxon Gram Miller

This sweet little guy came into our lives six week sooner than expected. July 31, 2009 Jaxon Gram was born into our family. He weighed 4lb and 14oz. He was only 17 inches long. I guess he wanted to follow in his big brother's footsteps by arrianriving early, and while we were prepared for the possibility of an early delivery, nothing could have prepared me for how fast the delivery would be. We did not waste any time in leaving for the hospital at the first sign of labor, and we still barely made it to GGH. I was already pushing when we pulled into the ER and (since Brian had called ahead to warn them of this) the ER staff came to the car to meet us, prepared to deliver the baby. We did make it up to the OB floor but shortly after, I delivered this little guy, still in my own clothes. Both Brian and I were in complete shock. He was not b
reathing well at delivery and was taken away to be worked on immediately. It was several hours before I was able to hold him but I cherished every second of it because at nearly 6 hours old he was transferred to Memorial hospital of South Bend.
Because I had not been released yet, Brian made the trip to Memorial to be with him
Jax spent 11 days in the NICU before coming home. The main reason he was transferred from Goshen was because he had fluid his lungs and they were underdeveloped. Once these issues cleared up, he mainly needed to learn to eat without a feeding tube. He actually seemed like a giant compared to most of the babies in the NICU next to him. (The baby next to him was born weighing 1lb. 4oz and was the smallest surviving baby in the region) As thrilled as we were to take him home, we actually felt a little guilty because some of the parents had been there for months and still had no idea when their baby would come home.
This picture was taken on the evening that Jaxon came home. I think that the picture says it all. We were exhausted and excited, all at the same time. Things are running a little smoother now than they were 6 weeks ago, but everyday is still a challenge filled with happiness and complete chaos all mixed together. I wouldn't trade it for the world. When we got married 9 years ago, we couldn't have imagined the journey that we would go on while creating our family. Through it all - God is good! I love my four little munchkins that God has given to us on this earth and can't wait to hold the sweet ones that he has taken to heaven. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan

(ABOVE) Big sister Kamryn decided that she would like to give Ethan this (loud and annoying) bell for his birthday! She said that he would love it because it makes a lot of noise...and you know what? She was right! He was thrilled!

(BELOW) Ethan sporting the "birthday hat" that Nicole had made for him! Anyone think it's a little too big for him? NAH!

It's so hard to believe that this happy little guy is the same 4lb baby that we brought home from the hospital on an apnea monitor only one year ago! Amazing!

Lovin that chocolate cake! Ethan did a great job of destroying his chocolate cake! (Much to my delight). I have choosen chocolate cake for all of the kiddos 1st birthdays because, let's face it, white cake just doesn't show up as well on a white child!

So loved by his big sisters! This little guy is so lucky to be loved and adored by his big sisters! They are both always trying to do whatever they can to entertain this little man! He is so lucky to have them!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big sister's idea of a teething toy

This sweet baby boy, will not be my baby much longer! Late this summer we will be adding another little one to our family. Boy? Girl? Not sure...CRAZY DAZE? Yes, that I am sure of! We are expecting this little one to debut around the middle of August if things go as planned! This will mean that the Miller clan will range in age from Niki (6), Kam (4), Ethan (15 months) and newborn! Wow! I think I can work up a bit of panic just thinking about it! Amidst the swells of panic that occasionally sweep through our minds, we are truly excited! We've had a few uncertain moments where the health of the baby was in question, but at this point things are looking good and we are believing that God is in control and we don not need to worry! (Or atleast that's what were trying to tell ourselves!) The girls are truly excited and can hardly wait! It's amazing how much they comprehend at their age!

I know that this may sound a little crazy (after reading the previous paragraph) but in spite of the fact that we are definitely in the midst of raising little ones, and at times overwhelmed, I am still very aware of the fact that time is flying by and our little ones will not be little ones for long! I'm sure that this is due, at least in part, to pregnancy hormones...but still it makes me sad! Here's a shout to Kim Huffman...Brian and I bumped into your parents at breakfast this morning and not only did they offer encouragement on raising four children...but your mom also encouraged me to blog! My excuse lately has been that every free moment i can find is spent napping! Anyway, All of that said, I came home and started reading some blogs! I haven't caught up on anyone's blogs lately, but as i was reading back on Kim's blog, I was so caught up in what she had said about living in the present! I too feel like I'm constantly either looking to what's ahead or saddened over the fact that life is flying by and i get so caught up in those feelings that I miss what's all around me today! As my loving and blunt friend (no names - HA!) told me yesterday...Pull your head out of your *** and enjoy your kids today...who cares if their growing's a stage and that's part of life...NOW ENJOY IT!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes...I know Christmas is over

As I was looking back on my camera today, I scanned through my Christmas pictures and decided to post a few of them. They're definitely not your traditional "Christmas" pic's, but I had fun looking at them again!

Kamryn, in one of her happiest places in the world to be...Grandma's lap! Every time the family is together, the girls will run around and play, but they always seem to end up in the same place before the day is over...Cuddling on Grandma's lap! What lucky little girls! (This pic was taken at Brian's aunt Edna's house where the Miller's celebrated Christmas)

And now on to some of goofy ones! The grandkids (on my side) got a big thrill of all going to the dollar store (weeks before Christmas) to pick out their own gifts for mammer and popper! They had no guidance whatsoever and were told to pick whatever they thought that mammer and popper would like! The gifts for mammer ranged from a porcelain doll to a cereal bowl and princess mirror. Popper's gifts started out as somewhat, mouse traps, wood glue...and then came Jarett's gift. Jarett (5 years old and hailing from Iowa) is the youngest of 4 who has learned that the best way to get attention is to make everyone laugh! He gave popper what he described as "Bling-Bling" and yes...he did make us all laugh! Popper proudly wore his goft for the rest of the night!
Uncle Chris hanging out with his little buddie (Ethan) who, of course, needed to wear his Iowa shirt to please his big cousins!
And last, but not least of my favorite Christmas pictures, is this one! Nicole insisted that this is the card that she wanted to get for her daddy! After trying (and failing) to steer her in a different direction, this is the card that we left the store with! Daddy (who has a similar sense of humor as Niki) was well pleased with her choice and thanked her! (The inside of this card reads..."Hope your Christmas is all it's cracked up to be!" For those of you who missed it, take a good look again at Santa's back side!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Braden

It was so thrilling for me to be able to hold this sweet baby boy on Friday night! I am still so amazed that after months of he is...and doing just great! Such a little miracle!

Not much to say, other than I'm thankful for the way this has all turned out and I'm thrilled to be an aunt again (for the sixth time).

Friday, January 16, 2009


Much news at the Miller household, but just not enough time to tell about it! The past month has seemed like an absolute whirlwind...Christmas and New Years was a complete Blur! We had out of state family here and spend about five days together with both sides of our families! It was a blast, but also exhausting! The big news has been in the making for quite some time...we've been awaiting the arrival of my new nephew! Finally, after 2 months of bed rest and 2 weeks in the St. Joe hospital (for my sister), Little Braden Dean Stout has arrived! He was six weeks early but is doing remarkable well! I have been able to see him, but have not yet been able to hold him! (I'm hoping to get to tonight) I can't wait! His big sister Gabi is pretty excited too! Anyway, since my sister has been in the hospital (both before and since Braden's birth) Gabi has spent quite a bit of time at our house...much to her cousin's delight! Last night however, we were all wishing we were anywhere but "at our house"! Brian and i were tuckered out and in bed by 9:30 (very unusual) and by 10pm we awoke to everything in our house powering down! (Funny how that wakes you up, hun?) Yep...that's right...NO ELECTRICITY! We waited about 30 min and then decided it was time to pack up! My cousins' (Todd and Cindy) who live just across the field, still had power so we bundled up (2 adults, 1 baby, 2 sleeping daughters who were very limp, and one crying and scared niece) and headed to Todd's 4 the night! Cindy and Sarah were waiting at the door and even came out to help unload. (Keep in mind that by this time it was after 11PM and nearing 30 degrees below!) Yikes! Miraculosly, as soon as we were inside, the girls percked up and started playing! Imagine that! Finally around midnight, we were all settled in when (Light bulb moment) i realized that I had packed formula, cereal, diapers, and wipes but no bottle! Poor daddy! I'm sure he was cold when he drove home to get a bottle! (Love ya Brian) Anyway, sometime after 12:30 we did all fall asleep again, and settled in for the night (or shall i say morning?) 3 1/2 hours later, Brian crawled out of bed and headed back home to check on things! (Once ya babe!) Around 8 AM, after Cindi and I had our coffee, I realized that even a honda dosen't start when it's been parked outside in 30 below temps! Thankfully, after talking to Merle Mullet, I gleaned a few tips on how to get it started! YIPPEE! We ended up coming home to a warm house with electricity! And in all of this, all I keep on thinking is..."I'm so glad that I'm not a NIPSCO employee!"